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Megan Dunstall

Defining my WOW NOW Personal Brand was great. I fine tuned my outer image with my inner strengths and personal essence. I now have the confidence to feel and look the part (and I have created a wardrobe with NO black!)

Alba is caring but firm, she’s helped me stay on track with my goals by using different angles and approaches. I now understand a lot about me and how I have been doing things in a way that was not going to contribute to my success.

With Alba’s help, I developed the confidence to stand out and being noticed in the workplace. I stopped being invisible and being worried about being judged, and the results have been amazing.

I have been successful in obtaining the internal promotion I was seeking and I am now Manager of Corporate Services overseeing a staff of 30.
My life is in a completely different place from prior to the 90-day programme.
I am happy, things are flowing in my life, I am manifesting my desires, I am expanding and growing and enjoying life and work.

I had no house at some point and within a week purchased a home of my dreams from nothing with no money at the time, no deposit. I love the morning rituals which have really helped me focus for the day. The makeup and clothing tips and new knowledge really help me make the best of who I am without being fearful of weight and those areas I was less than pleased about.

The most important change was to love myself regardless of anyone else’s opinion!
Alba is amazing to work with, she genuinely cares, makes you feel good, is a great role model and provides a range of tools to help you improve who you are already.
Alba, I’ve got to say you really do work wonders. I spent a mere two half days in your trustworthy hands, as we rummaged through my wardrobe and you guided me through various tutorials from style, colour makeup, to focal points, to hair! Here I was, simply expecting a guide on how to dress - but I had it all wrong! What you stand for, and what you teach, is about so much more.

You taught me how to feel comfortable in my own skin, how to accentuate my best features and embrace colours that not only define my skin tone... but also my personality and my personal brand. And how to use my body language to have more impact in my communications. Working with you was like having a personal chef. As we walked through the process and the clothes stores the ingredients were all staring at me, but you provided the vital recipe and method for them all to work.

Throughout the whole process you had a sense of ease and encouragement about you. After two days I feel confident with the skills I have gained and the ability to integrate them in both a business and personal setting. The concepts you teach are really straight forward; I just can’t believe I’ve waited this long to be taught them! So thank you Alba - for everything.
I engaged Alba to help me update my wardrobe for my work as a presenter and consultant to professional firms. While I felt I was already projecting a confident image, I knew Alba could help me take it to the next level.
I’ve often heard Alba say that your clothes affect how you feel. I believed that, but I never really felt the power of it until I stepped onto the Terrace in an outfit Alba helped me choose. It was like instantly turning up the volume on my confidence, and my day just flowed.
I was at a point in my career where I really had to step it up, and now I truly look – and feel – the part. Thank you for your valuable insights Alba!
— Julissa Shrewsbury - New work Consulting
The WOW NOW personal brand system was a lot of fun and has made me feel super confident in taking control of the things that matter most to me, both on a professional and personal level. It was an enjoyable, challenging and empowering journey.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Alba!. You have done a wonderful job in helping me to create a presence and personal brand that is true to who I am. Having this new-found confidence has increased my energy levels and empowered me to take on challenges that I would have once tried to avoid.

I have successfully transformed the way I look and feel and I am truly excited about the journey that lies ahead, both professionally and personally. I appreciate your guidance, patience, coaching and authentic nature. I am so grateful we have crossed paths.
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Naomi Ahmedi
HR Manager


Liz Wason


Alba Gomez is an amazing woman. Her passion, flair and enthusiasm are infectious and exude from the moment you see her, let alone meet and converse with her.

Alba’s expertise has been utilised by me in many areas including my style and image, as well as training my optometrist team on Fist impressions and communications. The end result is always amazing and inspirational.

A highlight has been using Alba to organise my travel wardrobe for a 10 day trip in the United States, to attend and lecture at an International conference. My mix-and-match combinations of smart, striking and casual outfits (with shoes) totalled 12 Kg. Fantastic!

Alba has a unique ability of being focused, organised, non-judgemental as well as incredibly instinctive with image presentation and pizzazz. Thank you Alba.
I was looking for some help in updating my working wardrobe. I had met Alba and thought I could trust her. It’s a bit scary asking for help, but Alba knows how to put you at ease. I was looking to find some items that would contribute to a polished, elegant and modern look, that wouldn’t make me feel like mutton dressed as lamb. Alba has a wonderful sense of colour and instinctively knows which styles compliment and which don’t. We had so much fun shopping, and best of all I came home with some beautiful new outfits that I absolutely love and that I know I wouldn’t have picked without Alba’s expertise.

It was an absolute joy to work with Alba and now I have much more confidence in looking for clothes that I believe will suit me. Even my 17 year old daughter thinks so too

Dr Jenny Brockis 
international best-selling author and keynote speaker


Asha Stabback

Alba’s Personal Brand system far exceeded my expectations. Alba’s passion and enthusiasm is supported by her depth of knowledge and experience in all things personal brand. This truly unique brand approach is an absolute necessity for every woman and provides the foundation and launchpad for truly discovering what you are capable of achieving. Thank you Alba – I am so grateful our paths collided and I had the opportunity to experience your services.
Alba took the time to investigate the needs of our business rather than rolling out a generic presentation. She engaged us in a professional and spirited conversation that lead to simple solutions being introduced to our everyday practices.

The team really enjoyed the sessions and we all walked away with a great understanding on how to create a positive impact with our clients.

Brett Carter
IKEA Perth


Jo Muirhead

I am a confident and strong business woman. I work alongside all sorts of medical and legal professionals. My credibility came from doing a good job - however I never felt like I could take a seat at the table with my peers, as I didn’t feel my brand was clear and that my appearance echoed my skills.

Now I know how to walk into a room; into an event; be on stage; go on a date with my husband and know how to dress and use my body language in all situations. Thanks a lot Alba!
I love how passionate, dynamic and fun Alba is and at the same time really confident in her expertise. Alba helped me develop my personal brand and I have found a way to dress that makes me feel empowered and confident. I now know how to put things together in a way that makes me feel amazing and has attracted lots of attention offline and online.

I am super excited to launch my business now that I have a well-defined brand and I am clear on the image I want to project on my business. I feel so much pride, confidence, gratitude, happiness and aliveness. Thanks a lot for your help Alba!

Louise Taylor


Galina Cosham

Logistics Officer


Kate Byfield

Marketing Manager

Working with Alba was a life-changing experience. She has done an amazing job of taking my goals and translating them into a sophisticated appearance. I left feeling confident, inspired and empowered.

Having the opportunity to work with Alba has increased my career opportunities and has completely changed the way I see my future. This was a total image overhaul not only in the way others perceive me but also in the way that I perceive myself.
Alba is so warm and engaging. As soon as I started the 90-day coaching program I started to change from the way I presented myself to how I felt about myself.

I did the work Alba set out and made time for myself. I was open, honest and accountable and it led to real change in how I felt, acted and what I achieved. My confidence went sky high and I achieved some amazing results in my career that I wouldn’t have had and confidence to tackle without Alba’s guidance and support.

Thank you Alba you have helped me a great deal and I will forever be grateful!